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As part of the our application process, we conduct a wellness assessment to determine if Premier Assisted Living of Frisco can meet the needs of the prospective resident. This assessment, along with information provided by the individual’s physician, helps the nurse develop a service plan that addresses specific needs for assistance with personal care, medication management and/or escorts to meals and activities.

Specially trained resident care assistants work under the supervision of our nurses, and are available 24 hours a day to provide scheduled personal care and medication reminders to residents.

Each resident’s service plan is reassessed and adjusted whenever a resident’s needs change, and at a minimum, every six months.

Regulations for assisted living prohibits Premier Assisted Living of Frisco from providing ‘skilled’ care; however, any resident’s need for skilled services can be met by a visiting nurse or by contracting for these services privately. 

We assist residents with their healthcare management and help assess the need for medical intervention or emergency care. The goal of our staff is to provide each resident with specific services needed to remain safe and healthy. Residents’ dignity, privacy and, above all, choice, are our highest priority.

Our Staff work closely with residents, visiting nurses, physicians and families to support residents in staying at Premier Assisted Living of Frisco, their home, for as long as possible. Residents may leave Premier Assisted Living of Frisco when their medical conditions require on-going, skilled care that cannot be provided in assisted living, or when, due to advanced cognitive impairment, residents require a more structured or secure environment to keep them safe.


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